Dear December-lover,

Dear December-lover,

The world is a tough place right now. With kids and families losing their lives and homes, we are not in the best of the Christmas vibes that we had planned for. So here’s a gifting guide to remind us that we can spread hope and spread some hope to the ones who need it more than we do. Don’t buy our products or any products. But if you do, gift it to bring a smile to someone and let them know you are there for them.

Here is a gift guide, a handy list that is less about buying new things and more about being there for someone and spreading hope!



1. Palestine Children's Relief Fund

Give to the children of Palestine when they need it the most. Palestine Children’s Relief Fund is working on the ground to get humanitarian help to the people of Gaza. Support them in their work by donating to the cause.


2. Donate to an animal shelter in your city

It’s winter, and pooches need our help. Give some love to an animal shelter in your city! Donate now to:


3. Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra

The Indian Pangolin is a rare species classified as endangered in the IUCN Red List. Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra runs a large-scale conservation effort for the Indian pangolin. Its other initiatives focus on marine turtles and bird conservation. Make wildlife your festive gift. Donate now to the Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra!


4.  Plant a tree for your loved ones

This is quite the present. Give someone the gift of life itself! Plant a tree to celebrate a very merry Christmas! (This is one gift you can’t keep under the Christmas tree. A tree under a tree. Okay. Maybe not as bad as it sounds 🎄🪴)

We also recommend Sankalp Taru if you wish to plant a tree in the memory of a loved one! 


5. Learn sign language

Make new connections! Sign language isn’t only for the deaf or the hard of hearing, it’s a bridge that brings people together! A medium for diverse minds to build bonds. Click on this link to get started! 


6. Learn a new language

We recommend what’s (literally) at the root of our culture: Sanskrit! 

Reading ancient scriptures in their original form is only half the benefit; the other half is the cognitive treasure of learning a new language! Get started on your journey to learn Sanskrit!   


7. Write a letter

Spread the festive love by penning your thoughts down at length and posting a letter to your friends in the OG style! Our pick is Daakroom’s Letter Writing Kit, which comes with postcards, envelopes, a seed pen, and some gorgeous paper to write on!   


8. Homegrown mushrooms

Find a mushroom growing Kit by Grow The Funguy and add a homegrown touch to your Christmas pastas! 


8. Pop-A-Laddoo Board Game for Food Lovers

Showcase your acting skills, drawing prowess, and culinary creativity to win laddoo coins and eat laddoos! Play with family and friends and be filled with laughter and merry! Order at this link. 

Let this be a Christmas that stands for a conscious celebration. A celebration of the environment. A celebration of the happiness of others!  We wish you a festive season filled with warmth, giving, and endless love! 

Happy Holidays! 🎄

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