About Pin Pals

Pin Pals is not just a community; it's a canvas for your creativity. An initiative by Say It With A Pin, a brand that believes every individual is an artist, and every creation tells a unique story. SIWAP is synonymous with artful gifting and accessories that celebrate self-expression. Pin Pals is our way of extending this celebration to you, where your imagination comes to life, turning your art into wearable, shareable, and playable accessories.

How It Works

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Share your designs with us. We'll turn them into exclusive, hand-crafted accessories, gifts, merch and more.

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Tell the world about your new shop. Make your art more accessible and give your fans and followers a new way to support you.

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Earn royalty for every sale your designs make. The more popular your creations, the more you earn. Your products are promoted on all our channels including online, retail and B2B.

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Buy custom merch at heavily discounted prices to sell at your own events and stores.

  • Express Yourself

    Showcase your creativity to the world through unique, handcrafted accessories.

  • Earn While You Create

    Transform your art into tangible products and earn rewards.

  • Community Support

    Connect with fellow artists, share experiences, and be part of a vibrant creative community.

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  • Self-Expression

    We believe everyone has a unique story to tell, and our products are a canvas for that expression.

  • Creativity

    We celebrate the joy of creation and bring art into everyday life through our handcrafted accessories.

  • Community

    Magic happens when like minded individuals come together and share, learn, support each other.