Welcome to Say It With A Pin

Born in 2018 from a chance conversation between friends, we never imagined that our whimsical idea would bloom into a full-fledged design studio. Our founders - the creative powerhouse Kanika, innovation wizard Tanmay, and entrepreneurial spirit Vishesh - brought together their unique skills and shared love for artistic expression to make Say It With A Pin a reality.

At the heart of our operations is our brilliant team of 25 spirited individuals based in New Delhi. Each team member embodies our brand values, their passion and drive for creating cool things while having a blast is nothing short of infectious.

Our products? They're handcrafted marvels. Our pins, for example, are hand-painted with such precision, care, and perfection that it's hard to believe they're the work of human hands. Our design process is highly collaborative, making space for our team, clients, and fans to co-create, resulting in pieces that are not just accessories, but reflections of personal style and creativity.

Energetic, witty, quirky, and friendly, we at Say It With A Pin invite you to be a part of our creative journey.