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Mother's Day Hamper

Mother's Day Hamper

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Adore your mother with this Hamper, a carefully curated selection of five delightful products designed to elevate her everyday routine. From the elegance of the wooden phone stand to the charming allure of the wooden flower holder, each item in this hamper is a testament to your thoughtfulness and appreciation. With the added sensory delight of traditional attar and the whimsical touch of the magnetic bookmark, this hamper is sure to bring joy and warmth to your mother's heart on Mother's Day.

Wooden Flower Holder: Add a floral flourish to her home decor with this charming wooden flower holder, designed to showcase her favorite blooms in style.

Attar: Immerse her in the enchanting scent of our rose attar, evoking a world of pure sensory delight.

Magnetic Bookmark: Let her escape into the world of literature with ease using this whimsical magnetic bookmark, designed to keep her place in her favorite book while adding a touch of charm.

Wooden Hand Painted Phone Stand: A chic and practical accessory to keep her phone within reach while adding a touch of natural charm to her desk or bedside table.

Wooden Hand Painted Hair Clip: Elevate her hair game with this stylish and eco-friendly hair clip, perfect for keeping her locks in place.


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